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54 Hemet, California, United States
Seeking: Female 27 - 45
Short an sweet! This world needs to see me here and now because my heart is filled with so much love. To love is what everyone dreams of. Just take one look in my eyes and you will see what happiness really means, believing in my love is all you will ever need.Life is too short to live alone.I need someone to call my own.I will care for you, living forever showering you with love.Holding you close through the nights.To look deep inside you and you will see your spirit climbing as the midnight sun shines through you.close your eyes and you will see your wishes come true. Every night you go to sleep fairy tales will come true,sparkles of magic in your eyes, candy land appears to your every smile. I am truly your Genie in disguise, I desire to catch you my falling star, Rainbows with your favorite shade, thinking of you as i write your name across the sky. because i have been waiting for you. To love you is all i can do. paying no mind to the past, inviting you to begin the day, Holding you close like a fever. watching you from across the room, with hunger of love.A love that is so meant to be. A promise that is made with our hearts. To never wonder where you are. To awaken always reaching out for you. To cross your mind day and night missing me. To have a picture of me and you in a frame. To hear your footsteps as you walk down the hall of our home. To hear your voice driving me insane! Will you except me as your superhero! Will you look into my eyes and see heaven! because everything before you will no longer be! I will do anything and everything to please you! You will be more than love in my eyes! More than amazing! Irreplaceable! Incredible in my life! In my arms every night! Always a reality!No one will be placed above you. That is why i will let you know for sure that my heart beats for you. You are the light in the darkness. Will you stay in my heart forever. Time will go fast every time you blink! So this love is the biggest part of me! It will be so hard for me to breathe if we are apart because you are the apple in my eyes. From the top of every mountain i will follow.The daily news will be about me and you. To wipe away your tears! To comprehend the message i am sending you from my heart! A you turn is here for you! To mend all my shattered dreams and give you the best of me. Will you accept me? This Angel want you to hold him to control him every time he looks into your eyes. His temperature will rise! You will hear me heartbeat! To see tears of happiness that will never end. To hold you, to kiss you, to taste you! as your body weaken for affection, attention, I will never forget the times we will share together, the walks in the parks with no regrets. Loving you more than today, tomorrow i will still be there for you, the sparkle will never leave my eyes, time and time our love will get stronger, our love will stay Blue. Seasons change every year, yet my love will always remain though out the years, the test of times. There will never be a mistake about this real love. Forever i will love you. Forever i will be true to you, right by your side even when you open your eyes. You will never have to look around for a friend, because i will always be there for you. To make you feel brand new. Mere words cannot explain your precious love that you will hold be holding in your hands. I have packed up my troubles and i have thrown them all away. The winding road and the heavy load no longer exist, the time has come for joy to grow! My searching needs to end, who will love me and stand by me? To accept a love that wont ever let go. Inseparable! To know that you will always be around me! Incredible to bring out the man in me, like the flower to a tree, like words to a melody! To see you to love you! my only friend! I long to just hold you so tight! Staying awake every night! I am sitting right here waiting for you to show yourself to me! Because we are meant to be! This is it this time! There is no ever getting you off my mind. I need here to hold! Give me that sign of when you will come into my arms. I am waiting here for you to feed me with your love. Why not just tell me, what you want from me? I will dive into the ocean, to find your precious pearl. As the moon will invade our bedroom, revealing the sweat on your back, this will increase my intensity! and i will never come back. Your emotions are feeling e with pure delight! You can tease me! as long as you please me! as we get excited! Tell me are you ready for the love ii have in store! Can you face the truth that i have for you! I want to be good to you, to never let that moment change. to never keep secrets from you, there is no reason to ever lie! to never let you down! Who can blame me from being beside myself of saying i want to fall in love with you, over and over, showing you that the whisper of love will never fade away, our bond must be strong. What i am saying is a bit old fashion, but i believe a woman is the most precious thing on this earth. If i have to work, i will work my fingers to the bones. I will work over time so that you will never be poor. Loving you is so important to me. You will always be beautiful to me.You need to be here with me, i can never get enough of you. I will stay addicted to you. surrendering all my love to you. This is the twenty first Century and all i want is you, believing what i say is true. This Platinum heart is here! Your eyes, your sexy lips your,sexy feet, with that Sex appeal! The way you where your hair the way you dress, is the secret of making me love you more and more you are everything i am looking for. Your personality is all that a woman should be. A vision of a magazine, A vision of my wildest dreams. You are everything i am looking for! Are you available? to communicate! spiritually emotionally! This is serious! I want you to be caught up in my world. I want to be caught up in your world.In spite of what you think, what you feel, i will still be in love with you. So do not be afraid to trust your heart because it will lead you right next to me. I am ready to change my life just for you. This is about us.,Years have past and still i am here all alone! These feelings need to be shared, talking is too easy! Allow me to make this myth come to surface! Today i am yearning for love! Have not been able to see the sun with out someone near me, Endless days, clouds need to be chased away, that is the only way to stop my tears from falling, what am i to do to make you hear me, to make you care! this feelings i am feeling are real, I wont let this special love pass by.This loneliness needs to end Just one precious moment will make up for all the time, that has been lost..Do not make me wait for your love.This notion of being able to stare at a picture of whom will become my wife to be, The blinds are closed with me in the darkness falling asleep all alone,waiting for a sign from you to let me know that you are on your way to rescue me from my daydreaming.Its time of getting the sweetest thoughts of you and me, Memories of love is what i need or my heart wont make it! I need you here with me to show that you are my girl, my world, beside me. Here and now! In my heart, because your love is all that i will ever need. You will never be a lonely girl again,this miracle of you and me eternity, as far as our eyes could ever see. I am calling for you, i want to call your name so everyone can hear me, there is no substitute for you.So tell who do you want to be with? End your searching, love me as i am! Maybe you will be surprised to realize that all your searching for is the perfect guy! To enlighten you with the truth, there is not a perfect guy, it is just me! Telling you that i need you and i miss you! I will never fade away! I want to walk with you talk with you, can you come out and play with me, no more victims of loneliness, just a love growing where ever we are. I never want leave your mind, I am the meaning to your story. I want to be everywhere you are. I need to be where ever you are. This is our salvation, So i am reaching out my hand for you. Are you ready for me to build my dreams around you. I need to set you down and tell you how i feel! To remove all the questions from your mind, To not play games with your tender heart. The walls of mystery will be torn down, this is no illusion. I will be there always, just to ease your mind. In life we take a chance, for the sweetest satisfaction. My heart is here during this fragile situation! Inseparable is what i want in this style of love, words to a melody, flowers to a tree. Just become my lady and everything will be fine! You can have my heart! That is all i have to offer, i want to hold you this i cannot deny it, cant get you out of my mind thinking of you being near, you being around. constantly thinking of how to free you, how to lace all my kisses all over you. Can your body love only my body, tell me you cannot go a day without me. To really love a woman to understand her, you have got to know her from deep inside. Hear every thought, see every dream, give her wings when she wants to fly. Then when you find yourself lying there in her arms.You will know you really love the woman.Its because of you things will be better than they have ever been. this is it! I need someone to share my life with. I am ready to look into your eyes! To do anything and everything to please you. Ignorance is kind to the heart and mind.Some people want it all! Yet all i want is you.To think what good is it to have material, if you have no one to enjoy it with. That is the way to prove your love is real. I cannot pretend that i am not dying inside! That i am not crying inside. Because i need me an Angel! because my days are so sad. I am broken in to, trembling inside! My heart is calling you, because this puzzle is torn apart. I will follow you today, tomorrow, where ever you may go.I am running out of things to do, to pass time, to have you in my mind, All i have is empty picture in a frame, This long distance is destroying me.How far can i go to have your eyes stare at mine, The spring of thoughts of wanting to say how much i love you.To never leave your arms.Will you see me as i do, all the things i can add up to. You are the missing piece, that is need to believe that their is nothing in this world i can be..The clock will stand still, because of the way you believe in me.Can you see all the wrong that you will make right! Your eyes will say everything i need to know because the truth you will make me see.Will you hold me up,be my voice i am afraid to speak. I am waiting for the love of my life to come into my dreams.Everything i see now is shades of grey,I need someone to help me see the beauty that is waiting for me. To put the blue back in the sky, to see the rainbow in your eyes, to be caught up in the thought of me and you. Let me get that chance to dance with you.To hear your voice today, yesterday. So cold at night with no one to hold, The time is right for us to be together! not your second choice, not your friend. I have heard all stories before! Now its time for me to be number one. So look over shoulder and i will be there. This dream we will plan our future on. The truth is with you, because i will always be good to you. i know how to treat my baby right! I want you to be the only one for me, to stand right next to me. Do not be lost, do not be blind to the answer that you seek. How can i ever allow you to walk away from me. We will share all the laughter and all the pain together. Our feelings will be feelings with emotions, Passion in our eyes, all of this is for you! Love makes no promises! This is love waiting for you..to shines like the stars in the skies, falling for just a moment then up again. Its not about who is right, or who is wrong! it is not about who is weaker, or who is strong! It is not about who is innocent, or who fault! Its not about who does it who did it or did it to who! It does not matter if we both lose! It is about nothing except me and you and our relationship! and when the going gets tough, you deal with it and we never ever walk away from it. We must hold on and always be strong. not to let anyone come between us, we stay within.