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45 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 20 - 45
" Okay, a little about me. I am a very inquisitive person by nature and a thinker and expounder of things. That's probably why my undergraduate degree is in engineering. I tend to ask a lot of questions on just about anything because I am just a curious type of person and like to learn about all types of things (people, places or things). I suppose that could be a good or bad thing for some people. Sport’s has been a big part of my life. it's played an major role, particularly Basketball. I started playing at the age 8-9, it's been one of the foundations of building my character and many of my experiences in life and I continue play for recreation to this day. I maintain a physically fit and active life style while balancing an equally busy work schedule and social life. I believe the man should be a gentlemen and provider for his partner, emotionally, spiritually, physically, intellectually, mentally and anyway she may need him to be; to be supportive for her in her time of need. The Man Should be Her Rock and Her Fortress. I like someone who has an open mind about things in general; meaning they are open to discuss things, have conversations about things, someone who has their own ideas and opinions on things. I want a partner who will always push and challenge me on my way of thinking and continue to challenge me to be a better person and human being. I will always be supportive of my partner but I believe its important for two individuals to maintain there Independent Identities while working as one. Too often as we get older bruised and scarred (figuratively speaking) from past experience we want someone who thinks, talks, walks and act like us. I don’t agree with that philosophy. It's definitely important and good to have things in common but I think its also to important when your partner lets you know when your right and when your wrong. When its all in your best interest and It’s really special when your partner acknowledges or can reciprocate with a positive response like " you are right " or I apologize I was wrong. I believe relationships are a compromise (Give and Take ) both partners at one point or another will end up on both side of the spectrum of give and take, if one is heavily on one side that could be a problem. It's more important to be understanding of your partner’s feelings than necessarily correct or right. I will always have my partner’s best interest at heart. "
53 Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Seeking: Female 22 - 32
Profile update: So many beautiful woman on this site. I am really nervous to communicate because I do not want to waste people's time but I do need to look at the beautiful women to motivate me I have an ordinary office job. Because it is in a big U.S. the salary might sound high or perhaps even a lie...or maybe nothing at all special if you are familiar with the U.S. BUT actually the cost of living is so high what might sound like a good salary really is nothing special. I have an idea for a side business that I think may work but I have lost motivation. Are there any nice lonely ladies that might have time to skype while I work on my project? Play virtual or girlfrienf ...could become real if good match but should not be pressure on either party. ------------------------ Single male never married. No kids. Profile and I are works in progress. I am not sure whether the intended nuances can be communicated in text but for the moment that is the only way I have to contact you. Very important serious point: I think it is absolutely fine if a woman is on this site to fast track her immigration to the United States and a man thinks it would be exciting to wake up to a woman that is from his perpsective an exotic beauty....as long as both parties take their responsibilities seriously. For any women that get annoyed with someone outside their age bracket looking at their profiles, I am sorry but you are just too beautiful to resist. Eurasians tend to be cute so I would be interested in hearing from one, but if not then maybe we can make one. I would like someone that would find it fun to play being an obedient but who in reality is sharp, worldly, and capable of making all manner of decisions if her died of illness or old age. To you maybe you would think "um yeah that is being a " but in the u.s. it is extremely fashionable to be confused about gender. Someone that would enjoy living the stereotype of being an Asian mail order but could firmly explain to a car salesperson that she is damn well going to get the best price. All about context. Physical and mental abuse of a spouse are completely unacceptable but if you have an issue with being tickled or covered in maple syrup then having me lick it off, then we might not be a match.



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