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53 Bogotá, Bogota, Colombia
Seeking: Male 45 - 60
When a man reaches old age or old age.... And it takes away the years is because in childhood I never enjoy and lack experience in his youth." N..A " 3 beautiful places where I would like to be, always be when that special man comes by my side"🤔☺. 1 - In Your Mind 2 - In Your Arms 3 - In Your Heart".☺😆😀 I'm sorry I don't want any more children!😔 Honest, serious, maduro, loving, faithful. And risky, in all the extension of the word, a man who is not afraid to fall in love with a good woman like me. Simple, serious, honest with principles and values, different loyal as few 😊!!!*.... I don't want a long courtship and I don't speak English, please it would be good if you speak Spanish even if it is a bit... Forgive my sincerity but I am always so, And that I really desire the true Love of a faithful, honest and valued woman in her life, a man who does not lie, I do not like lies.... I am a woman, sensitive, who believes in God and acts with honesty and truth always with all people, especially with my partner I am very transparent, and honest, you will always see a smile in me, although most people are upset because sometimes I laugh a lot, so is my personality, cheerful, sure of the woman in me, calm, i am also of very good feelings, positive to 100%, and in which you can trust in any situation of life, be it far or near.... I desire a serious relationship based on honest and sincere loyal marriage, Unconditional Love, not only a man to share the rest of my life, that supports me, protects me, supports me, but my best friend in good and bad and confident, On the basis of honesty, seriousness and fidelity, between the two, someone who of 100% in the relationship as I will be with you, not crumbs of love, nor affection, I do not want a man who has not solved his emotional conflicts with women of the past do not games please, I'm very transparent and someone who likes to dance, go out, have fun and laugh, I'm very romantic, passionate, special, detailed and affectionate, i like hugs, kisses,, and sharing many wonderful and complicated things with my partner whenever possible for both of us and for our relationship.... First of all COMPLICITY BETWEEN THE TWO!!!..... I come from a family happy, cheerful, simple, united, with values instilled by all my family and I am very traditional, where we do everything about christmas and the New Year.... Thank you! Read carefully and you will find me.... I apologize for being so sincere, but that is one of the foundations of my personality, I hope you understand, nelly.agudelo5. Besides being cheerful and happy. For me the family is the most important thing, because they are always there for you in any circumstance of life. ... I am not perfect but very correct, and I want the same for myself.😀👍 Of course a mutual spark is also important ☺ haha and must be there. Beyond that, I think we all want, love, complicity, trust, honesty, loyalty, integrity between the two people, romance, chemistry, passion, respect, laughter, communication, sincerity and many other things that as the two people get to know are also being discovered, besides i think that if two people like, the language is not so important, as long as there are other senses of communication!... Hahahaha☺... You what do you think?🤔 // Love is to respect him, love him, care for him and above all be him loyal and faithful in any life situation, near or far that depending on the values of each being....... and thanks for stopping you here. Good LUCK!!!! . Ahhhh I don't have degrees, postgraduate degrees, nor master The signature of a diploma is not obtained for the years you spend on the paper,,,,,but for the responsibility, honesty and long experience of your youth.... THE SWEET TASTE OF AN EXQUISITE WOMAN!!!!. An exquisite woman is not the one that most men have at her feet, but the one who has only one that makes her really happy. A beautiful woman is not the youngest, nor the most skinny, nor the one with the straightest complexion or the most striking hair, it is the one that with just a smile, a caress on your face, and a good council can make your life happy. A valuable woman is not the one who holds more degrees or more academic positions, it is the one who sacrifices his dream to make others happy. An exquisite woman is not the most fiery, but the one who vibrates by making love only with the man who loves. An interesting woman is not the one who feels flattered by being admired for her beauty and elegance, it is that faithful, romantic, transparent, and firm woman of character who can say NO. In any life situation, far or near. And a man, an exquisite man, is one who values such a woman. N.A.V. "An applause for the woman; who conquers, without short skirts, without large necklines, only with a smile, his gaze and his personality." "Don't pretend to look, but you can give a sincere smile." "THE REAL LOVE IS TO WAIT" "THE WOMAN" The woman does not want a look, she wants a smile. The woman does not want company, she wants presence. The woman doesn't want tears, she wants tears. The woman wants, which is simpler to grant. The woman does not seek a hand, she seeks touch. The woman does not look for moments, she expects events. The woman does not seek your laughter, she waits for your joy. The woman offers, what you've always been able to give. The woman does not want a body, she wants a hug. The woman does not want praise, she wants words. The woman doesn't want lips, she wants a kiss. A woman does not want to be a person, she wants to be a woman. The woman doesn't wait for your time, she waits for time with you. The woman doesn't expect passion, she waits for romance. The woman does not expect sex, she expects love. The woman does not expect beauty, she waits to make her feel beautiful. A woman is a woman, don't treat her like a man. A woman is a woman, she is not a physical woman, she is a sentimental woman. A woman is a woman, not a body, but a heart. The woman is not you, do not treat her as you expect to be treated. The woman is not to possess, it is to admire. The woman is not to convince, she is to love. The woman is not to know, it is to understand. The woman is not what you believe, she is much more. The woman is not a face, it is a whole. The woman is not difficult, she is mysterious. The woman is not touch, it is caress. The woman is not the thorn, it is the rose. The woman is sensitivity, simplicity, dedication, love. There are three things that cannot be hidden from reality; the sun, the moon, and the truth... If you're ready for a serious relationship and to be happy with a single woman, look for me here I'll be? No Games 0k!!!. God bless you!!! N...



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