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56 Düsseldorf, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Seeking: Female 29 - 48
In 7/14/1964 I was born as a son of a coalminer and a seamstress. I was christened Roman Catholic and believe in God. I lived my first 5 years with my parents in the municipality of Rheinkamp-Repelen. Now it belongs to Moers of a city. When my mothers became pregnant once more, if we moved in 1969 to Kamp-Lintfort of a coalminer town, because my father worked there on the coal mine „Rheinland“. In 12/15/1969 my brother Volker came into the world in the St. Bernhard Hospital. In summer, 1970 I came to the elementary school. From the summer, 1974 I went to the secondary modern school. In 1979 I left after 9 school years the school around an education to make. My education in the coalminer lasted up to the summer, 1982. In summer, 1982 I entered in the DRK (German Red Cross) and served voluntarily till 2016 in the emergency services. I never was in the army. From 1982 to 1984 I visited the night school and acquired the professional waiter's school maturity. Till 1984 I worked as a coalminer underground. From 1984 to 1985 I was trained to the work orderly and if Rhineland worked till 2000 in the medical service of the coalmine. In 1987 I married the mothers of my son. From 1988 to 1989 I was trained in the German Red Cross to the paramedic and lead till 2016 in an honourary capacity in the rescue service. In the 1/7/1989 my son Daniel came into the world. He is already married and gave me two granddaughters. In 1998 I was recognised by the paramedic to the rescue assistant. I was retrained by the 5/1/2000 up to the 4/30/2003 then to the nurse and work since as a nurse in the OP. From 2006 to 2008 I took the professional exam to the professional care strength in the OP. In 2014 I separated from my woman. We had to say ourselves nothing more. In the 5/18/2017 I was divorced from my woman. My biggest pride are my son and my grandchildren. I think this it reaches for the beginning.
30 Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Seeking: Female 18 - 30
أنا أخطط للانتقال إلى ألمانيا في عام 2018 من الهند "أنا مليئة بالحياة مع الكثير من الطاقة والأفكار. أنا جدا رعاية وحب الشخص الذي يبقى دائما سعيدة. أحب إعطاء مساحة للجميع من حولي. اعتقد في فريق العمل وأنا مخلص جدا لفريقي في حالات جيدة وسيئة. لدي فكرة طيبة من الفكاهة. أحب نماز واليوغا والبقاء مناسبا من خلال تشغيل 10km كل يوم مع تمارين الصالة الرياضية. درست إنجينرينغ من الجامعة العاشرة في المرتبة في الهند وأجرى البحوث في التقسيم النووي كعالم متدرب. ولكن أخيرا جنوني جعل المال الكبير جعلني لبدء سلسلة مطاعم وسلسلة مقهى الشاي. باعت سلسلة المطاعم في 1 مليون دولار واستثمرت في سلسلة متاجر التجزئة الرياضية. وهناك أيضا تمويل خارجي بقيمة 5 ملايين دولار. لدي شقتين في منطقة العاصمة و بيت صيفي في الغابة التي سوف أشاركها مع شريك المستقبل في الحفاظ على أمنها ماليا. لدي شقتين في العاصمة و مزرعة كبيرة لاند الصيف. كما تقدر الشركة في العديد من ملايين الدولارات حتى انها لا داعي للقلق حول السلامة المالية والعاطفية معي. أحب الرحلات والسفر والأحزاب. لقد زرت إيطاليا وألمانيا وفرنسا وهولندا وروسيا وأوكرانيا ودبي وتركيا والأردن ولبنان والفلبين وفيتنام وكمبوديا وتايلاند الخ مع بلدي أن يكون شريكا في المستقبل أريد السفر إلى خمسين دولة أخرى في العالم . للبحث عن شريك في الحياة أنا هنا. I am planning to relocate to Germany in 2018 from India.I am full of life with lot of energy and ideas. I am a very caring and loving person who always remains happy. I like to give space to everyone around me. I believe in team work and I am very loyal to my team in good and bad situations. I have good sense of humor. I like Namaz and yoga and staying fit by running 10km everyday with gym exercises. I love hiking in the green mountains and do camping there. I studied enginnering from the tenth ranked university of India and did research in the nuclear division as trainee scientist. But finally my craze of making big money made me to start a restaurant chain and a tea cafe chain. I sold the restaurant chain in $1million and have invested in a sports retail outlet chain. There I have also external funding of $5million. I have two apartments in the capital region and a summer house in the forest which I will share with my future partner to keep her secure financially. I have two apartments in the capital and a big farm land for summer house.Also my company is valued in many million dollars so she need not worry about financial and emotional safety with me. I love trekking, travelling and parties. I have visited Italy,Germany, France, Holland, Russia, Ukraine, Dubai, Turkey, Jordan, lebanon, Phillipines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand etc. With my would be partner in future I want to travel to fifty more countries in the world. To search that partner in life i am here.
61 Sankt Wendel, Saarland, Germany
Seeking: Female 26 - 38
44 Hamburg, Hamburg, Germany
Seeking: Female 20 - 38
Please read my profile well. What can I tell you about myself? I am currently working as an engineer, for an American company which is based in Germany. Hobbies? Sports: biking and a bit of fitness. I love music so I always have my radio on. I don't like to live a hectical life, so I enjoy being cosy at home, with a nice meal, music, TV, DVD. Although I sometimes go out to restaurants, festivals, cinema. I like to have a nice time, no matter where I am. I'm a hardworking person, but I don't plan to work untill I'm old. I enjoy reading newspapers and magazines and watch the news cos it's important to stay in touch with what's going on in this world. Some of my other interests are: cars, arts and antiques, culture, nature, media, history, psychology, science (broad - no details), and a bit of chatting on the internet. I always try to be honest and justified. I don't have a big mouth at all. I am vivid, spontaneous, passionate, caring, respectfull. They say that I have a good sense of humour and that I'm able to make people smile easily! I am also sociable, tolerant, reliable, responsible, hard working, patient, open-minded, caring, intelligent (hope so!), friendly, optimistic, creative, helpful, loyal, funloving, understanding and gentle. I dislike intolerance, racism, narrow-mindedness. I like to enjoy all the good things that life has to offer us. I never feel boring as I always got something to do to keep myself going. I’m a man who knows what a lady wants. I also see myself as a bit of a romantic person…
41 Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
Seeking: Female 21 - 34
Originally from Pakistan (cuurently in Pakistan), I am an corporate lawyer and a researcher and an enthusiast. I did my Masters from the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany. Recently, I completed my traineeship at a German Law Firm (secondment). I cannot without purpose and targets and thrill. I maintain an energetic balance in all aspects of my personality: physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. I am not a pure poor lawyer rather I tend to be a jack of all trades and master of a few. I cannot talk about art or painting as I just don't understand them, but I can make a good humor of many of them. Rest, I am good with almost everything. These days I am learning a lot about Galaxies and Milky Way. Recently, I have been thinking a lot about architectures after reading the Fountain Head. I love my profession. Having my own value system and follow my bliss. Neither I shun the East nor I look on West with scorn. An ordinary human, but I am bestowed with super fighting spirit and here looking for my MIRROR. When I am happy, my brain starts a fusion reaction, when I am sad rather angry, a fission reaction: both ways, I remain energetic and radiate :-) I have my personal philosophy of life, which based on my experiences in life and readings. However, my experiences are not my reference points. I do not make judgement based on them. I tend to balance my judgement and perceptions. Regarding relationships~I never mix relationships with relationships, work with relationships and work with work. I can always be convinced with reason or reference, save certain innate human emotions. I know myself including my shortcoming and I just love the so-called serenity prayer "god grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference." I think of future but try to work in present only (carpe diem) i.e., to live in present and put my 100% in the moment- Mindfulness. My supreme wish is to die in action-not in some fight. I am an avant garde, please read about it. I make mistakes and learn and rarely repeat them. I do not know much about games, but I love martial arts, parkour and fitness training, including video games, and the brain teasers. I usually asks questions and riddles and make a little part of my judgement about people from their answers. Better be intelligent and witty and reciprocate and give me some tough time. I am always willing to stretch my limits and learn fast. I treat my body like a temple. And soul - I love swimming (against the stream :-). Also, I love a lot of things in life including poetry (motivational, romantic, etc) but do not force anyone to listen it. So, be comfortable, if you have a sort of mathematical brain and cannot understand poetry, but be ready I can ask you a lot about math then. I can live with purposeful humans at best. I am a bit fictional as well, like, I think about time travel and the possibilities :) I do love humorous and witty/sarcastic conversation. Currently, I am seeking a job in the Middle East, especially Duabi or Abu Dhab. I also have some other plans and working on them. I might go back to Pakistan. This is a clear statement that I am struggling at the moment, and have some savings, but I have positive and definite vision in my mind of getting settled, and having a prosperous family soon Inshallah. Honestly, I do not have much hopes that someone would like to marry me during this time of my struggle. I have no anguish about it. I know people (especially women) do prefer well-settled man. This is normal. I was the first person who ever went to a school. I was bound to follow my dreams and I chose my path, and I am proud of it, and energetic/thankful to Allah about it. Thus, I concentrate more and more of my energies on my personal and professional growth. But still I just wonder if someone would be interested in me during these days. Back to myself: I think of myself as an Eagle, who eats fresh food and soars and live in high mountains. My children would be Eagle only. Life with me could be tough, comfortable, a mixture of both, but it would be a 100% life, full of thrill and adventure. Rethink, if you cannot participate in my struggle. I don't mind it. I have lived my life without female comfort until now, and can perfectly pass on through this world and this test, fulfilling all the purpose of my existence. I believe in creative destruction. So, if you can create with me and then destroy it, and then recreate and so on, then you are most welcome :-) I am What I am. And I live in my realm and dreams and I dream a lot and translate them into objectives and goals. I am looking for an architect with whom I could literally create a new world. Architect-don't translate literally. Sounds like Inception :). My wildest dream is to build huge libraries and fitness centers at the same place. However, I do have my professional endeavors. Some of them even scare me. My top priority or at least which I try to maintain is Allah, but I am unconventional. I yearn to find my own reasons about my existence and my Creator. I practice religion part of Islam in my own style. I can explain it later. It's not that complex if you have a little space in your brain :-). My God is Creator and Innovator and Energizer, so am I - as his creature. For me, Islam is a challenge to religion. Ask me, how? Apology, as someone said: if I had more time, I would have written a shorter and concise description above...not the "I" version above.