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63 Vernon, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: 34 - 53
56 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 30 - 50
I'm a unique ”FIND” based in what is available these days...I personally know my ”WORTH”! ”THIS IS NOT A FAKE PROFILE”!!! It would seem that I’m far too ”HONEST” for most to accept. Some may think that I seem a little abrasive at first take. But if you have any mettle about you to step outside the gripping confines of what you’ve been brainwashed to think about men of my ilk... You’ll soon discover that I’m an extremely respectful, highly intelligent, sensitive, mild mannered and an evenly tempered and aware “HUMAN BEING”, just like “YOU”! However, because I I will call out any level of ”BS” as such when I see it and I don’t subscribe or even flinch to “WEAPONIZED” sex-appeal...cause “skin deep” does nothing to improve character! Most will run toward a man of less depth of character just to follow the “STATUS QUO”!!! So..... - If you are capable of being an ”OPEN-MINDED” person...that means being actually “OPEN” and not conveniently selective! - Able to trust your better faculties above the gutter of ”PREJUDICE” and ”INTOLERANCE”...that some ”MALE” in you circle of life (family, friends, geo-political bias) has ”TAUGHT” you! - Able to apply natural/benign ”INSIGHT” beyond current social ”DOCTRINE” and ”DISCOURSE”!! - And able to simply exhibit the qualities and better faculties of a decent human being! Well then, you’ll definitely have my undivided attention, respect and possible devotion too...chemistry permitting of course! I’ve worked in the Music, Entertainment and Recording Industry for many, many years (I’m in a different job now). But, you should know that I’ve seen it all (money, places, women, deception, indulgencies, etc). Hence, I’m not easily moved of impressed by what may attract or motivate most... For me, You must be much more than what initially meets the eye...inclusive of ”DEPTH”, “INSIGHT”, “AWARENESS” and “POISE”! This man is all about being; - Very honest. - Hard working. - Generous and kind. - Respectful. - A one woman man (100%). - Being funny as hell too. - Loves completely. - Enjoying a round of Golf. - Walking the Seawall. - Music/Concerts. - Armed with keen Insight/Depth/Awareness. - Loves Soccer (Manchester United). - Plays Texas Hold-em (sometimes)!!! - Devoted entirely. - Strong. - Very Straight forward. - Highly intelligent. - Very Considerate. - Hate intolerance. - Super Attentive but not smothering.. - Being sensitive and kind. - A good cook and masseuse. - I’m Never the jealous or the possessive type (police yourself). I'm not a “PUSH OVER” by any means but I grew up in a family of almost ”ALL” women. So, rest assured that I'm quick to compromise and be completely accountable for the things I say and do always! I’m very aware that's what relationships, growth, respect and acceptance are "ALL" about. Now, if you have read this far then maybe, just maybe...you have the capacity to make up you “OWN” mind...willing and able to appreciate a man like me! I will love you; honor you; show respect to you; be loyal and cherish you completely due to my upbringing... And I certainly know exactly how to give and recognize what love really looks like.... I'll concede the obvious.... That I’m extremely allergic to "Social Idiosyncrasies", "Prejudicial Practices" and "Behavioral Entitlement" issues and disposition! End of the day... Chemistry is everything but only through actual personal engagement and friendship rather than the focus on the superficial, technological and narrow minded dependency..... Are “YOU” simply be a decent human being and a honest woman!? Send me a note/like and I'll respond accordingly. As you can see from my profile, I may send you a thorough message myself too, if I'm so moved or drawn by your profile statement(s) and attributes! So, please don’t accuse me of not being capable of writing the way that I do.... Seems as if the “ART” of communication has been “LOST” to the likes of “LOL”, “TTYL, “LMAO” and infamous...”DTF”!!! Anyway.... I want to be completely immersed, comfortable and engaged with ”YOU”... Anything less, would only be a friendship; an acquaintance or a physical inclination... All that being said, sometimes the most pleasant and lasting experiences can come from the most unexpected places.... Time is the master of all things! So, let me be your ”FRIEND FIRST” and I'm serious about this, period! The reason being; there is no other way to make ”HONEST” discoveries or each other! This in ”NO WAY” indicates that I'm a ”BOOTY CALLER” or that I’m none commital. I’m just in “NO RUSH” to sleep with you so you can quickly bury that leverage where this man is concerned.... That bit you of “SUGGA” is ”NOT” my goal. I simply need to ”KNOW” who the heck ”YOU” are without the distraction of foolish ”FAKE, FIRST IMPRESSIONS”! So, shall we? Best wishes y'all...
34 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 43
40 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 18 - 34
Hi ladies, Newly single, my sister told me about this website so I thought I would check it out. I live in Victoria, on my own and have a great career. I love to do many activities and recently got back into the gym and eating healthy. Would like to meet a woman around my age that has no baggage and loves to enjoy life,whether it is Movies, Concerts, Outdoors go for a nice meal or a coffee, Just looking for someone that's honest, makes me laugh and that laughs with me, faithful and truthful ,really not asking for much just to be happy and enjoy every minute with no regrets.I enjoy all types of music, just not all bands. My goal in the next few years in to have my own business and have a house, and all the toys that go with it. most importantly is being happy with someone that's happy with me. that i can trust and enjoy every minute with. I love the outdoors,i grew up in Sooke i spent most of my life there and most of my time was spent in the top acre of my moms place, i love to fish, i started fishing very young did a lot of it with my mom sister and papa and when i was 11 i started commercial fishing and did that for a few years, i enjoy nature and its beauty, i wish everything was so pure and real, camping is something i did a lot as a kid with my family and id love to find someone to do it with, i love the ocean, my family all moved away to the mainland, but i stayed mainly because i love the ocean so much I've taken scuba diving courses and enjoyed every minute of it. i love to read when i have nothing else to do. adventure and fantasy are my favorite but really ill read anything once, and if i like it ill read it twice. i love to cook. everything and anything but i try to cook healthy but i enjoy making desserts too If I've left something out or if you have questions feel free to message me, I'm not shy i think ill answer most questions...
51 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 40 - 65
28 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 19 - 55
33 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 20 - 35
55 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 31 - 49
68 Salmon Arm, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 32 - 52
41 Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 40
53 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 29 - 49
38 Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 40
33 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 21 - 40
45 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 31 - 40
50 Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 25 - 35
54 Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 29 - 48
62 Kimberley, British Columbia, Canada
Seeking: Female 27 - 46



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