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48 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Seeking: Female 18 - 99
Hello! Do you like to do lots of Laughing, Chuckling & Giggling? Me too! Giggling til they're really a Jiggling!! Lol I'm a Fun, (wow original) Funny, Cheeky, Sincere, Romantic, Caring, Easy going, Cuddly Laid back Man! Now this is the 'hard' bit as there are lots of nice ladies I know. This below is more trying to find the 'one'! You know the good ol' Needle in the haystack kind of scenario! Deep breathe (that's you & me here ;) Well here goes nothing..Lol Are you a nice lady on the inside to match your extraordinary 'outside' appearance & who is very Full Figured especially Up Top? Very Cuddly shaped? Plus plus size? Am looking for a rare lady who is very very Top Heavy indeed? (No skinnie minnie's please) Sorry no offence but only attracted to Huge 'up top' Plus sized woman..say around the M cup size or bigger! Lol, Yes that's M for Milk cup! (Shhh.. but are you lactating too maybe? Or wanting to induce lactation? Could be yum fun trying right? Lol) Are you more mature (aged) very cuddly super soft BBW too? I can't help it as its just how I'm wired but ideally they are so big & heavy in size that they sag all the way down to your knees please! So big no bras will fit as not enough material! I want them not just ordinary handfuls but overflowing armfuls! (And that's just one of your pendulous wonders Mmm lol) Do I have you giggling a little yet? Hehe :) I know I'm dreaming a bit but know you are out there somewhere (just don't wake me ok Lol oh unless of course you are such a rare sized lady with Gigantomastia ok Mmmm) I'm just your regular Cheeky, Fun, Well Hung, Huge Boob Luvin Cowboy just looking for his bbw Cow Girl! Yes ma'am Yeehar n Giddyup indeed now! Lol So why wait any longer? Yes it would be amazing but as mentioned you must be out there...somewhere, anywhere (or maybe you know of someone like that?) *I know there is way more to super plus size & cuddly lady than just her chest size. She has a inner beauty to discover as well as a outer one too. Be a load of yum fun for sure! Let's ride into the..sunset together! If so then don't be Shy, please come & say Hi to this genuine nice Guy! Who knows, as you just gotta try? Thanks for stopping by..Bye! Oh if you are such a special sized lady please kik me ok...topheavyluver. Lol Thank you for reading even its just made you smile ?? (**Ps I am being serious here ok ;)
34 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Seeking: Female 20 - 43
"Of Minds, Brains and Computers", that is perhaps the best way of putting this down. I am researching the limits and extents of the Sapien Brain as a Computational Device with infinite express-ability, and the Sapien Mind as a possibly Holographic Projection (of the embodied Brain) phenomena, with a focus on the Architecture of Language as a Universal marker of the Sapiens-Higher Primate species barrier. On a personal level... I am an oddball mixture of a linguist, a poet, a dreamer, a scientist, a philosopher, a hippie, a programmer, a rationalist, an internalist, a nativist and a generativist, a disciple of analytic philosophy, an alienated reflectionist, an art-lover, an avid admirer and mourner of the flower-generation, a listener to the voices of the Peoples' history, a subscriber to Unified String Theory and of the multiple universes hypothesis, a math-lover, an astronomy junkie, a Richard Feynman devotee, an awe-struck admirer of the evolutionary process, an enthusiastic antagonist to the very notion of God, an anti-theist, an anarchist, a Chomskyan, an anti-establishmenterian, a follower of Carl Sagan, skeptical of all traditions, cynical about social conventionality, sarcastic about involuntarily inherited manufactured heritages, scornful of the obedient, comrade to the marginalised, a brother to the weak, a compatriot to the defenceless; I am but an orphaned son of the counterculture, ripped from the 60s, transplanted in the twenty-first century, homeless and homesick, only doing what I can to stay hungry and stay foolish... At times of uncertainty, and I face quite a few of those, I simply close my eyes, take a deep breath, and ask myself: "WHAT WOULD NOAM CHOMSKY DO?"